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Collaborated on various web projects with Octree, lean studio based in Geneva, as designed print materials and promoted their new product «Startup as a Service», a product as a service (PaaS), presented at the eCom exhibition in Palexpo.

Created Argil Data, a startup bringing on solutions for data sculpture and resources management services.

Started to work remotely as «global digital nomad» traveling through Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Ukraine and who knows what is coming next…

Begun contributing to Open Food Network, an open-source web platform project for food distribution alternatives, and gave time to set up a potential instance in Switzerland.

Gave new horizons to my career, transfered my responsabilities and all my shares from the startup company to build freelance activities. Got certified HERMES 5 a project management methodology used inside swiss institutions.

Co-founded OM-IH Design sàrl, registered OM–IH an ethical and eco-conscious fashion design brand and developed the startup's innovative projects as managing-partner.

Graduated from ECAL, with a BA of Arts, in graphic design and visual communication.

Graphic Design intern at NORM, Zürich, research work about Otl Aicher design system and pictograms for the Olympic Games in Münich.

Received my first personal computer and operated my first technical hack to get more TV channels, aside of organizing with some friends local river clean-up.

Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, and grew up in the countryside surrounded by nature and snow.

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